IELTS certified medical students in Uzbekistan receive another scholarship

The authorities are planning to encourage future doctors and nurses to learn the English language.

Minister Amrillo Inoyatov announced the plans to amend the current scholarship payment procedure at the meeting with health care activists. In accordance with the new rules, a Minister’s scholarship will be awarded to students who have an IELTS certificate, the press office of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan reported to

This scholarship is to encourage students to strive for high achievements. Inoyatov emphasised that rectors of medical universities should pay special attention to gifted students, and university lecturers should support future young professionals.

The legal framework necessary to introduce this innovation will be developed in the near future.

Knowledge of foreign languages plays an important role in the study of world science and the adoption of international practices. Therefore, contemporary students, who study at higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan, must be fluent in foreign languages.

Many students from 11 medical schools throughout the country have an IELTS certificate with an overall score of 7.5 or higher and an international certificate in language proficiency in German or French up to the C1 level.

25 07 2023, 12:52
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