First polyclinic with solar panels operates in Turkmenistan

The project was implemented by the ministry of health and the United Nations Children's Fund.

Solar panels were installed on the territory of the polyclinic in the Pelvert village, Halach district, Lebap province, Turkmenistan. This is the first medical facility in the country to have such a system. The project was implemented by joint efforts of local and foreign experts. This was reported by the electronic newspaper «Turkmenistan: Golden Age».

Work on the implementation of the program was carried out by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry and the United Nations Children’s Fund. Solar panels will allow the polyclinic to work 24/7, even during natural disasters. Energy is used to power medical and non-medical equipment.

The project aims to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and increase the resilience of the medical institutions of the country to climate change. The implementation of the program corresponds to one of the directions of the national strategy of Turkmenistan.

The corporation «Turkmenenergo» plans to build solar power plants in remote areas of the Central Asian country.

01 08 2023, 08:02
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