Kazakhstan allocates 73,000 training grants for students

Future engineers, teachers and agricultural workers will receive grants.

Kazakhstan will increase the number of training grants. This year, 73,000 grants will be allocated, which is 25 percent more than last year, MIR 24 reported.

Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan Kirill Potemkin explained that this is due to the lack of highly qualified engineers and technical specialists in the country. About 60 percent of grants will be therefore used to train these specialists.

The quota for grants for teachers will be increased by almost half. This year, the Government is going to raise the prestige of agricultural professions. For this purpose, a quota of about 3,000 grants will be placed at regional universities. Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan Kuanysh Yergaliev noted that this is an important state support, and free education should inspire more young people to acquire these professions.

Applicants from Kazakhstan can apply for grants from 13 to 20 July. This year, 166,000 graduates have passed the main school exam, of whom 83 percent passed the threshold.

12 07 2023, 13:52
Photo source: freepik.com / freepik

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