Kyrgyzstan to print soms soon

The President of Kyrgyzstan provided the details.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov attended a solemn event marking the 30th anniversary of the national currency of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kabar reported.

In his speech, Japarov noted that currency volatility in the financial market of many countries is strong due to external factors. The President emphasised that the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan is tasked to ensure financial and banking stability and maintain public confidence in the national banks.

Japarov expressed belief that through the joint efforts the Government and the National Bank would be able to achieve the main goals of increasing financial well-being of citizens.

The President reported another important news: the national banknotes will be printed on the territory of Kyrgyzstan soon. Now the authorities are taking the necessary measures: equipment has been purchased and will start working in the near future.

14 06 2023, 10:46
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