Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan extends winter holidays until January 20

The decision was adopted due to the cold weather and continued frosts.

In Tajikistan, secondary education and preschool institutions will be closed until January 20. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic stated that this decision was adopted due to the extreme cold weather and continued frosts, the press office of the Ministry of Education and Science reported to

The winter holidays have been extended until January 16. Prior to the adoption of these measures, schoolchildren and kindergarten children were supposed to resume studies on January 10.

The Ministry of Education and Science informed that all the classes children had to miss would be compensated by additional lessons. They will be held during the spring and summer holidays. The heads of departments in the regions and the capital of Tajikistan were instructed to fulfil the decision.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorology Agency issued warnings about the temperature drops to 12-17 degrees below zero throughout the country from January 14 to 18. The temperature drops to 38-43 degrees below zero at night in the eastern region of Tajikistan.

17 01 2023, 10:59
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