Kazakh citizens may start celebrating National Dress Day

National Dress Day may appear at the country level in Kazakhstan.

A parliamentarian Daulet Mukaev proposed establishing a new holiday in honour of the national dress in the country. He believes that the traditional dress perfectly conveys the cultural values of the nation, Alau.kz reports.

According to Mukaev, the establishment of this holiday will glorify and promote the unique culture of Kazakhstan and help raise the younger generation to love their Motherland. He also called on members of the Parliament to wear elements of the national dress more often in the Parliament building.

«I recommend that the Government approve National Dress Day at the country level to glorify our national clothes,» the Alau.kz reports the parliamentarian’s statement.

Daulet Mukaev emphasised that if other parliamentarians support this initiative, it will inspire many people. He believes that wearing national clothes should become a fashion trend in the future, not limited to the Nauryz Holiday and traditional events.

26 02 2024, 14:04
Photo source: parlam.kz

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