250,000 jobs to be created in Kyrgyzstan

It is planned to launch more than 100 new industrial enterprises.

Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov set the goal of creating 250,000 jobs in the country in 2024. According to the MIR 24 news channel, the Head of the President’s Administration noted that this will be a key indicator of work efficiency of government agencies.

Zhaparov noted that there are not enough experienced workers even in the light industry. A large number of citizens of the country are migrant workers. He emphasised the need to pay attention to the specialty and qualification of workers to provide permanent work to all. Only then they will receive decent wages and work in their home country.

The major construction projects, including the Kambar-Ata-1 hydropower plant and a large solar power plant, are expected to start. Furthermore, it is planned to launch over 100 new industrial enterprises, which will require highly qualified personnel.

13 01 2024, 14:56
Photo source: serep.kg

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