Artemy Lebedev performs for first time in Tajikistan

His studio designed several schools in Dushanbe.

A famous Russian blogger, designer and entrepreneur Artemy Lebedev performed in Tajikistan for the first time, the Telegram channel of Rossotrudnichestvo reports.

The famous blogger said the last time he had visited the capital city of Tajikistan was about 30 years ago. The city has undergone significant changes since then. Lebedev’s studio contributed to the new architectural ensemble of the city by designing 5 new Russian-Tajik schools. The projects very well combine the history and culture of Russia and Tajikistan.

Artemy made presentations on his experience in business, design and public-private partnerships. Sharing his travel hacks, the guest showed not only the glossy side, but also the seamy side of life. During his numerous journeys around the world, he noticed that it was the seamy side that aroused the greatest interest among subscribers.

In conclusion, Lebedev gave some advice to the students of the Rossotrudnichestvo School of Young Journalists. For example, they need to be persistent and not stop.

09 11 2023, 10:17
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