Russia donates lab equipment to Tajikistan

The institutions received equipment worth 500,000 somoni.

This week, the representatives of the United Nations Development Programme and the employees of the RF Consulate General in Khojent have donated lab equipment to the organisations and educational institutions in Sughd, the press office of the diplomatic mission reported.

This project aims to enhance the post-pandemic economic recovery, improve the wellbeing and employment opportunities and promote regional cooperation in the Fergana Valley. The total cost of equipment donated to Tajikistan is about 500,000 somoni.

The recipients include the agricultural college in Buston urban-type settlement in Matcha district that received a veterinary lab equipment. The Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan in Buston (Chkalovsk) received radiological water and air testing equipment, and the laboratories of the Sughd Region Department of Agriculture received soil, water and honey testing equipment.

The project is financed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

23 10 2023, 10:45
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