Uzbekistan plans to equip elevators with cameras and emergency lowering systems

Elevators must be connected to dispatch centres.

In Uzbekistan, a draft resolution that envisages installing security cameras and emergency lowering systems in elevator cabins, which will allow remotely monitoring and controlling elevators, has been presented, Sputnik reports.

The draft resolution developed by the Cabinet of Ministers also proposes using the software which will allow monitoring the technical condition of elevators and recording accidents. It is proposed that all apartment buildings and facilities with elevators must be connected to dispatch centres before commissioning.

The draft resolution also proposes equipping elevator cabins with a communication device to connect with the dispatcher and a lowering and door opening system which will lower the elevator in the lobby of the first floor of the building in emergency cases, including power outages.

With the aim of improving elevator safety, a mandatory procedure for annual technical inspection of elevators and escalators was enforced in Uzbekistan.

11 09 2023, 09:25
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