Tajikistan announces second admission round at universities

Applicants who have been registered and passed exams will enter universities in August.

Tajikistan has completed only 53 percent of the 2023 university admission plan. This statement was made by Director of the National Testing Centre (NTC) Sabzaali Jafarzoda during a press conference, ASIA-Plus reports the details.

In the current academic year, the universities have admitted 59,000 applicants throughout the country through the NTC, which turned out to be significantly less than the planned figure of 111,000 applicants. The National Testing Centre will take measures to improve the situation, including the admission of additional applicants to higher educational institutions in the country.

Two additional admission rounds are scheduled for August 2023, and those who have been registered and passed exams in the first admission round will be allowed to take part in the additional admission rounds.

«This year, like in previous years, two additional admission rounds will be held from August 12 to 15 and from August 24 to 26,» Sabzaali Jafarzoda said.

After the two rounds finish, the remaining places in universities will be counted, and the NTC will hold a new application registration round for these specialties. Thus, those who could not take part in the first application registration round will have an opportunity to enter higher educational institutions in Tajikistan, but it should be noted that the number of places and specialties will be limited, as there will remain the least demanded specialities.

05 08 2023, 10:16
photo source: pxhere.com

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