New schools for 5,000 students to open in Lebap province of Turkmenistan

Currently, the construction of education institutions is at the final stage.

Several new schools will open in five districts of Lebap province, Turkmenistan on September 1. Education institutions are designed for 5 thousand students. At the moment, the construction of educational facilities is at the final stage. This was reported by the government newspaper «Turkmenistan».

Three of these schools will be put into operation in Koytendag, one of the largest districts of Lebap province. These education institutions are designed for 1790 children. A school for 500 students will be opened on the territory of Seydi town and Danev district.

About 1,000 young citizens will study at a school in Farap town. Opening ceremonies of education institutions will also take place in Akyap association and two towns — Sayat and Kerki. The construction of facilities is carried out by Turkmen companies. Some of them have already been erected.

Last year, seven modern secondary schools and five kindergartens were solemnly opened in Turkmenistan.

04 08 2023, 08:51
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