13 secondary schools to be built in Tashkent and Tashkent Region

The Asian Development Bank will contribute to the implementation of the project.

The construction project of 13 secondary schools in Tashkent and Tashkent Region will be implemented jointly with the Asian Development Bank through a public-private partnership, the Norma.uz state legal portal reported.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has approved the project recently.

The Ministry of Preschool and School Education will act as the state partner in the project. The private partner will be selected through an international tender. The private partner will be responsible for designing, building and equipping new schools. The private partner will use both its own and credit funds to implement the project.

The Asian Development Bank will allocate $1.1 million for technical services and the preparation of tender documentation.

Of the funds allocated by the ADB, $150,000 will be returned by the state partner from the state budget, and the private partner will return the remaining amount.

31 05 2023, 10:56
Photo source: norma.uz

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