Kazakhstan bans parallel imports of sanctioned goods to Russia

An online export tracking system is to start working in April.

Kazakhstan is making another attempt to avoid secondary sanctions in response to its assistance to Russia. It will launch a system to track all goods entering and leaving the country, Eurasianet.org writes.

The source refers to a high-ranking official who shared information that the online import and export tracking system will start working on April 1. He says the launch is one of Kazakhstan’s most coordinated attempts to prove to the West that it is complying with the restrictions.

The official specified that Kazakhstan does not impose any sanctions on Russia. All measures are aimed at preventing parallel imports through the Republic to the Russian Federation. Thus, the authorities of Kazakhstan are trying not to complicate relations with the West and the United States and avoid secondary sanctions.

However, it is not yet clear how the new measure will work. Russia and Kazakhstan are the EAEU Member States. Therefore, there are no customs controls of goods moving across the borders.

28 03 2023, 15:16
Photo source: freepik.com / Lifestylememory

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