Turkmenistan and Russia to expand cooperation in healthcare

Attention will be paid to the provision of medicines and treatment of serious diseases.

Minister of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan Atageldi Germanov spoke with his Russian colleague Mikhail Murashko online. They discussed promising areas of cooperation in healthcare and medicines supply. It was reported to CentralAsia.news by the press office of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Murashko noted that Russia produces high-quality and inexpensive medicines that are not inferior to foreign equivalents. According to him, some of them are used to treat oncological, rheumatological and orphan diseases.

He also invited Germanov to take part in the Healthy Life Forum and visit leading medical centers of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg in spring.

The minister of health of Turkmenistan noted that the Central Asian state is waiting for the visit of Russian medical specialists. He stressed that Ashgabat considers the quality of medical education in the Russian Federation highly effective. According to him, Turkmenistan is interested in building up relations with Russia in the field of cancer treatment, as well as in pediatric surgery and obstetrics.

13 02 2023, 13:50
Photo source: tass.ru

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