Ambassador of Tajikistan calls on compatriots to strengthen Tajikistan-Russia relations

Gulmakhmadzoda emphasised the importance of building up economic and cultural cooperation.

The Public Council under the Embassy the Republic of Tajikistan held a regular meeting in the capital of the Russian Federation. The participants in the event included Ambassador of Tajikistan Davlatshoh Gulmakhmadzoda, the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan reported to

The Ambassador emphasised that Tajikistan maintains friendly and allied relations with the Russian Federation. He called on compatriots to contribute to economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The Ambassador addressed the citizens of Tajikistan who are residing and working in the Russian Federation, including the heads of public associations, activists, intelligentsia, businessmen and consuls general of the Republic in the regions of Russia.

Davlatshoh Gulmakhmadzoda urged compatriots to bring up the younger generation to love Tajikistan. He emphasised the importance of working towards the prosperity of the Central Asian state.

01 02 2023, 09:44
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