Tajikistan and Turkey to strengthen cooperation on health

The Tajik delegation held meetings with Turkish counterparts and visited health institutions in Ankara to learn about their activities.

The Tajik working group visited Turkey from November 28 to December 2, where it held bilateral talks with Turkish partners to promote cooperation and exchange experience and best practices in the health and primary health care financing systems, the press office of the Ministry of Health reported to CentralAsia.news.

The Tajik delegation held a meeting with representatives of the health institutions in Ankara that play a significant role in improving the public health in this country. Deputy Minister of Health Gafur Muhsinzoda discussed with his Turkish counterpart the possibilities of expanding bilateral cooperation and implementing reforms in the health financing system of Tajikistan in accordance with the Public Health Strategy of Tajikistan until 2030.

It was noted that Turkey has a profound expertise in reforming the health system, in particular primary health care. In this regard, the participants of the meeting were unanimous that the talks would help identify the effective practice in introducing new health financing mechanisms, improving access to health services and achieving universal health coverage, as well as the SDGs.

06 12 2022, 11:08
Photo source: moh.tj

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