Kulubayev informs foreign ambassadors about significant role of Kurultai

Kurultai gives the public an opportunity to offer the country’s leadership new ideas for development of Kyrgyzstan.

On November 28, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Zheenbek Kulubayev held a briefing for the heads of foreign diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited in Bishkek. The briefing focused on the outcomes of the First People’s Kurultai, which took place on November 25-26, the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reports.

The Minister told the participants about the significance of Kurultai for the Kyrgyz people, emphasising that this year’s Kurultai aimed to achieve a consensus of the communities that make up the people of Kyrgyzstan.

This event provided an opportunity to study the role of the public in making significant government decisions and offer the country’s leadership new ideas on key aspects of state development.

Kulubayev informed the participants of the briefing about the variety of issues raised by the delegates of Kurultai.

After the press conference concluded, the representatives of foreign countries in Kyrgyzstan received answers to their questions about the institution of Kurultai.

As was reported, more than a thousand delegates from all the regions of the country and representatives of Kyrgyz migrants in foreign countries took part in Kurultai.

30 11 2022, 15:03
Photo source: mfa.gov.kg

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