Tokayev congratulates state guard officers on their professional holiday

The President presented high state awards to the best employees of the Service.

On April 21, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev congratulated the staff of the State Guard Service and presented high state awards to its best employees during the festive event marking the 30th anniversary of the Service, the press office of Akorda reported.

The President noted the special role the State Guard Service has to play in the multifaceted work on protection of national security and the high sense of responsibility of state guard officers.

The President emphasised that the crucial duty of providing protection of the country’s leadership, strategic zones and visiting foreign dignitaries was performed at the highest professional level.

The staff of the Service has developed and ensures the continuity of good traditions for 30 years. It has a readily available technical and operational base, capable of responding to challenges and threats in modern geopolitical realities. This is a division of genuine patriots, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev concluded.

A number of employees of the Service received the Aibyn Orders of the 1st and 2nd degrees, the Zhauyngerlik Yerligi Ushin Medal and the letters of gratitude from the President.

23 04 2022, 10:15
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