WHO commends coronavirus prevention measures in Turkmenistan

It was noted that the government received international certificates for the elimination of various infections.

The World Health Organization commended the work of the Turkmen government aimed at preventing COVID-19 in the country. The subject was discussed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country on April 27. It was reported to CentralAsia.news by "Turkmenistan Today".

During the meeting, it was underlined that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov takes all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection in the state. Some relevant processes are based on WHO recommendations.

The subject of the talks included discussion of the awareness-raising activities among the citizens which give information about the rules of personal hygiene and the prevention of various infectious diseases.

The panelists also highlighted that the Turkmen state received a number of international certificates for the elimination of relevant diseases. Besides, the experience of Turkmen medics in this field is recommended for sharing with European countries.

The head of the WHO country office, Paulina Karwowska, added that the state authorities are committed to the principles of the global organization system for epidemiological surveillance.

It must be reminded that no cases of coronavirus are recorded in the country. The Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan implements a universal immunization program. The state has established control centers of the emergency commission to combat the spread of infectious diseases.

29 04 2020, 07:13
Photo source: mfa.gov.tm

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