Uzbekistan-Russia trade surges to $10 billion

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic said the investment portfolio stood at $20 billion.

Uzbekistan-Russia trade in goods reached $10 billion, and the investment portfolio stood at $20 billion, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Jamshid Khojaev stated, TASS reported.

He made this statement at the Industrial Cooperation in Central Asia: Regional Focus plenary session of the Innoprom. Central Asia Forum, which was held in the capital of Uzbekistan. In January this year, trade in goods between the two countries reached $9.8 billion, which shows a 5% surge compared to 2022.

Khojaev emphasised that Russia and Uzbekistan are actively working together to remove barriers and boost bilateral trade in goods. Uzbekistan is taking targeted steps to optimise the investment climate, mainly with a focus on Russian investors.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that Tashkent welcomes the opening of the branches of Russian universities in the Republic, including the regional educational institutions.

23 04 2024, 09:47
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