Water reserves in Nurek reservoir nearing depletion

The Republic will face a serious energy crisis if the rains don’t come soon.

The Nurek water storage reservoir is running out of water catastrophically quickly, which threatens an energy crisis throughout Tajikistan. This water storage reservoir is the main source of water for all hydropower plants of the Vakhsh cascade. Currently, energy workers are relying on rains to improve the situation, ASIA-Plus reported.

According to the managers of the Nurek hydropower station, water reserves in the reservoir are at the level of 857.64 metres, which is 5.07 metres lower than in April last year. The dead point, when water consumption must be suspended in compliance with technical regulations, is at the level of 857 metres.

Unfavourable weather conditions have caused water levels in the Vakhsh River to decline. While there is no rain, all that remains is to consume water efficiently. According to the managers of the Nurek hydropower station, all reserves could be depleted in the next 5 days.

Such an energy crisis caused by insufficient water supplies to generate electricity has not been observed for the last 12 years. The Nurek hydropower plant, which the water supply to the other six hydropower plants of the Vakhsh cascade depends on, ensures about 70% of the country’s electricity generation.

05 04 2024, 15:01
Photo source: pxhere.com

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