Expert offers best energy formula for Kyrgyzstan

Problems may arise if emphasis is placed only on the construction of hydropower plants.

An economist Kubat Rakhimov emphasised that the construction of hydropower plants (HPPs) is not the only solution to energy problems in Kyrgyzstan. In an interview with Sputnik Kyrgyzstan radio, he noted that the construction of small nuclear power plants and «green» energy growth are the more profitable options.

Rakhimov expressed concerns about the use of most of hydropower capacity, focusing on environmental risks, dependence on seasonal fluctuations and flooding of farmland, as happened during the construction of the Toktogul hydropower plant.

The expert emphasised that Kyrgyzstan has the alternative sources of energy, noting that its neighbours operate mainly thermal power plants fuelled by gas and coal to generate electricity. Rakhimov noted that the Republic has the potential to use low calorie and low emission brown coal and the capacity to transform waste into building materials and other purposes of use. He urged to pay attention to these technologies, which can help improve energy efficiency and mitigate negative environmental impacts.

27 02 2024, 13:40
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