State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency of Kyrgyzstan reports on reasons for rising fuel prices

The situation is considered stable.

On February 22, the State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency, led by Gulshat Asylbayeva, held a working meeting on required fuel supplies to agricultural producers under an agreement between the Antimonopoly Regulation Agency and oil traders, the press office of the State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency reported the details.

The Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan undertook an obligation to ensure required fuel reserves for agricultural producers and give them seasonal discounts.

Furthermore, the State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency explained the reasons for rising fuel prices in Kyrgyzstan. The supply of petroleum products to the Republic was characterised as stable — there are no delays; petroleum products are supplied according to schedule. According to the Antimonopoly Regulation Agency, there is no shortage of gasoline and diesel on the market.

The rise in prices, which has recently been observed at gas stations throughout the Republic, was explained by rising selling prices at Russian oil refineries. This phenomenon is temporary and caused by an increasing demand in preparation for spring field campaigns in neighbouring countries.

The participants noted that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan purchase gasoline and diesel fuel from the oil refineries in Russia as well.

26 02 2024, 14:01
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