Gazprom doubles gas exports to Uzbekistan

Currently, blue fuel exports to the Republic correspond to the maximum technical capacities of the gas pipeline.

Gazprom has doubled gas exports to Uzbekistan at the request of the Government of Uzbekistan — winter weather is too severe for the Republic to cope with without this support. This was reported by Alexey Miller during the meeting with RF President Vladimir Putin on December 26, the press office of the President of the Russian Federation reported to

«Frosts have come to Uzbekistan in December too, and our Uzbek friends and counterparts asked to increase gas supplies to Uzbekistan in the amount that is twice as high as our daily contractual obligations,» Miller said.

Gas imports to Uzbekistan through Kazakhstan were launched on October 7. The gas pipeline was built on the instructions of the three presidents. The blue fuel sale and purchase contract was concluded for 2 years. According to initial calculations, about 2.8 billion cubic metres of gas are to be purchased annually.

28 12 2023, 07:26
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