Uzbekistan set to launch 24 projects worth $12.7 billion

The initiatives will be aimed at the development of the chemical, pharmaceutical and electrotechnical industries.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev led a meeting on the development of the electrotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the Republic. The President informed that 24 new projects, the total cost of which is $12.7 billion, will be launched in these sectors, the press office of the President of the Republic reported to

The key regional development initiatives include the expansion of polyvinyl chloride production at Navoiazot and soda ash production in Kungrad town and the launch of methanol to olefin production in Karakul. It is planned to increase the production of metal sheets for household appliances and motor cars in Samarkand.

The progress in Uzbekistan’s industry over the past 5 years testifies to the structural reforms implemented in the Republic. They have made it possible to increase production in the chemical, pharmaceutical and electrotechnical industries by 2.6 times. Furthermore, significant progress has been made in the production of new products, and exports of Uzbek goods amounted to $1.6 billion. However, the development is ongoing, as the share of domestic products in the domestic market does not exceed 50% in the electrotechnical industry engineering, 40% in the chemical industry and 18% in the pharmaceutical industry.

27 12 2023, 07:58
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