Number of measles cases in capital city of Kazakhstan increases

The majority of children who contracted measles have received no vaccines.

Since the beginning of the year, 93 measles cases have been recorded in Astana. Of these, 52 cases were recorded at kindergartens, 41 cases — at schools and 20 cases — at universities. These figures were announced by Astana Chief State Sanitary Doctor Sarhat Beisenova at a briefing, the press office of the City Administration reported.

Of 93 measles cases reported in the groups, 88 sick kindergarten children, or 95% have received no vaccines. Of 41 schoolchildren who contracted measles, 36 children were unvaccinated.

According to Sarkhat Beisenova, the increased number of vaccine refusals, ineligible medical exemptions and low vaccination rates are the leading causes of the growing number of people who are not protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. This contributed to the measles outbreak.

07 11 2023, 13:00
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