Sweden calls Astana global healthcare capital

Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Azhar Giniyat took part in a health technology assessment roundtable.

Ambassador of Sweden to Kazakhstan Ewa Polano expressed admiration for the initiatives put forward by Minister of Health Azhar Giniyat to reform Kazakhstan’s healthcare sector and invited Kazakhstan to become an «important member» of the Coalition of Countries on Primary Health Care, the press office of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan reported.

«Astana is now the global healthcare capital. We are impressed by your stated bold agenda in terms of health care reforms,» Ambassador of Sweden to Kazakhstan Ewa Polano said.

The Ambassador noted the construction of new hospitals and clinics in rural areas of Kazakhstan, as well as the establishment of cancer centres.

Ewa Polano noted that Sweden is ready to share with the Republic of Kazakhstan its expertise in combating antibiotic resistance in patients and reminded about the existing bilateral agreements on joint healthcare project management.

31 10 2023, 07:33
Источник фото: dknews.kz

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