Egypt supplies hepatitis C medications worth $4.2 million to Uzbekistan

These supplies will help the authorities of the Republic meet the health care need of 133,000 patients.

Egypt is supporting Uzbekistan in its fight against hepatitis C by supplying 800,000 hepatitis C medications. Earlier, the Governments of Egypt and Uzbekistan signed an agreement on cooperation in the fight against various types of hepatitis, reports.

These medications will allow providing care and treatment for 133,000 patients. The total cost of supply is $4.2 million. If the Government of Uzbekistan purchased these medications at market prices, the costs could be $13.3 million. The Uzbek authorities are going to use the savings from this deal to expand access to testing for hepatitis and eliminate it in the country.

The Government of Uzbekistan signed a purchase agreement for 800,000 hepatitis C medications worth $4.8 million with the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt led by Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar. These medications will be supplied during 2023-2024.

Egypt has earned global recognition in the fight against hepatitis C and B. In October 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) awarded the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt with the Gold tier certificate on the path to eliminate hepatitis C.

25 10 2023, 08:08
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