Russian doctors help citizens of Tajikistan

Over 100 patients in 5 cities received consultation.

Russian volunteers, rescuers and doctors spent 2 weeks in Tajikistan as part of the Rossotrudnichestvo international humanitarian programme. They received patients in 5 settlements: Dushanbe, Khojent, Vahdat, Kulyab and Bokhtar, the Telegram channel of Rossotrudnichestvo reports.

Together with their counterparts from the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, the doctors from Russia provided consultation to over 110 patients, and rescuers conducted over 20 first aid trainings at schools and universities.

The results of this work meet the ultimate goal of the programme — to exchange experiences and provide consulting support to counterparts and citizens of the country. The doctors, who are participating in the programme, note its high effectiveness and usefulness in exchanging experiences and applying their knowledge and skills in practice.

The Mission of Good international programme was launched by Rossotrudnichestvo jointly with the Association of Volunteer Centres with the support of the Russian Red Cross.

25 10 2023, 08:04
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