Songs by King and Jester performed in Dushanbe

An event in memory of Mikhail Gorshenev was held at the Russian House in the capital city of Tajikistan.

The event at the Russian House in Dushanbe, marking the 50th birth anniversary of the famous Russian musician and founder of the punk rock band King and Jester Mikhail Gorshenyov, attracted fans of all ages, the Telegram channel of Rossotrudnichestvo reported.

The event began with the stories about the creative activity of Mikhail Gorshenyov, whom fans knew by his nickname Pot, and his influence on Russian punk rock. All guests were unanimous that the musical heritage of the band King and Jester deserved recognition in modern culture.

«The songs by KiSh have always been distinguished by a special sound and mood — they mixed folk, gothic rock, horror, dark fairy tales and lyrics,» the words of the hosts of the event at Rossotrudnichestvo are reported.

The video clips of the band King and Jester were demonstrated, and live music was performed at the Russian House in Dushanbe during the event. Laureates of the All-Republic contests, conservatory students and other musicians performed Gorshenev’s famous songs, whom the guests sang along with.

13 09 2023, 15:08
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