Each tree in Bishkek receives online medical card

Each tree will be photographed and assigned a number before entering the database.

All trees in Bishkek must be re-registered. Each tree will receive a medical card, which will make it easy to track it. The work has started and shown that emergency trees make up more than one-third, MIR 24 reports.

Tree mappers first register trees. Trees are also checked for diseases and photographed, and trunk diameter and height are measured. Tree mappers determine the age of a tree and assign it a number. The data is entered into the application to create a medical record.

This database will allow trees to be cured in time, pruned or cut down if it is an emergency tree. New trees will be planted in the place of old ones — some trees are grown in Kyrgyzstan, and some trees are delivered from other countries.

Now the main problem is sick trees that grow along the roads. They get sick earlier than those that grow in city parks. Bishkek is currently experiencing a shortage of planting material.

19 08 2023, 11:16
photo source: freepik.com / evening_tao

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