Bishkek receives gas buses

The city bus fleet will be renewed in September.

The city vehicle fleet of Bishkek will be renewed with 25 new buses, which were delivered from China. More buses will be delivered to the city in the near future, MIR 24 reports.

The new buses differ from previous models in that they have airbags instead of chassis springs. This greatly improves ride comfort for both the driver and passengers.

The new buses are environmentally friendly as they run on gas. This is of great importance for Bishkek, where emissions from old buses are the major cause of air pollution and smog in winter.

Digital transformation of transport infrastructure is aimed at not only improving comfort, but also adopting advanced technologies for the safety and convenience of passengers. The new buses have special seats for passengers with children and passengers with limited mobility, and the handrails have the USB ports for charging phones and tablets. The cabin has a video surveillance system that helps ensure the safety of passengers. Cabin cameras and external cameras record what is happening, and these records can be used to investigate traffic accidents or other incidents. The doors have sensors that will stop them slamming if a passenger did not have time to get into the bus.

New buses will start carrying passengers in a month, and 500 new buses will replenish the city fleet by late September. Another 500 buses will be put on the line during the year.

17 08 2023, 11:09
photo source: / wirestock

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