UK goods exports to Kyrgyzstan increase 40-fold in a year

The UK Government is threatening fines and prison sentences for violating sanctions.

UK exports to Kyrgyzstan have increased by 4,000 percent over the past year, the Krasnaya Vesna News Agency reports. In 2022-23, UK goods exports to Kyrgyzstan have grown more than 40-fold, and total exports, including services, have more than doubled, according to the Government.

UK exports of machinery, including electric generators and road vehicles, except for cars, rose significantly.

The news agency cited London experts who assume that some of the goods exported to Kyrgyzstan may be re-exported to Russia, as machinery exports from Kyrgyzstan has doubled.

The UK Government said it will consider all allegations of breaches of sanctions and take adequate action, including fines and prison sentences for violators. However, there is no evidence that the goods exported to Kyrgyzstan were deliberately intended for re-export to Russia.

As reported, President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov rejected U.S. accusations of re-exporting sanctioned goods to Russia. The President of the Kyrgyz Republic said his aim to develop the country rather than play political games.

16 08 2023, 10:38
photo source: / wirestock

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