Meeting on construction of new rehabilitation centres takes place in Astana

Deputy Prime Minister Kulginov chaired the meeting on the progress of construction works on new healthcare facilities.

On March 31, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Altay Kulginov held a meeting to discuss the progress of construction works on rehabilitation centres for people with disabilities, the press office of the Prime Minister reported.

With the aim of developing the healthcare sector and improving the quality of medical care for people with disabilities and in accordance with the Order of the President of Kazakhstan, it is planned to build 12 rehabilitation centres designed for 150 patients each until 2025. The new facilities will offer a full 24-hour accommodation to patients during the entire recovery period after injuries or illnesses.

This year, a new rehabilitation centre was put into operation in Semey city in Abay Region, and three rehabilitation centres are to be built in Taraz, Kentau and Aktobe by the end of 2023.

Kulginov noted that the new rehabilitation centres will improve access to quality medical services in all the regions, including remote ones. Disabled people and people with serious illnesses or injuries will recover and improve their health and well-being at the centres.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that construction works have not started in some regions so far. Kulginov instructed the government officials to complete preparatory work and submit construction budget applications.

03 04 2023, 11:13
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