Uzbekistan expects to see extreme cold weather next week

The cold air masses are approaching the country from the northern regions of Russia through the Volga region.

Uzbekistan is preparing for a cold cyclone approaching from the Volga region, which will bring a sharp drop in temperatures to 15 degrees below zero, reports.

Together with frosts, strong winds, snowfall and ice are expected. In some regions, temperatures can drop to -25 … -27 degrees.

In this regard, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan warned citizens about possible power outages. Gas and electricity supply to large enterprises will be reduced. The priority tasks include the supply of the population with coal and liquefied gas so that they will heat their homes. By reducing electricity supply to enterprises, the saved amount of electricity will be used to meet the needs of the population.

The holidays in schools, universities and professional lyceums will be extended until January 17–18 (according to the plan, the holidays were to end on January 10–11). In addition, extraordinary holidays have been announced in kindergartens from January 10 to 18.

The public movements also call on the heads of public and private institutions to allow the employees whose job performance is suitable to be carried out away from office set-ups, to engage in remote working while the weather is extremely cold.

07 01 2023, 13:41
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