Businessmen of Tajikistan and Samara Region to consider promoting relations

A Russian business delegation will visit the regions of the Republic to learn about the areas of entrepreneurial activity in the country.

On November 5, the Russian business delegation from Samara Region arrived in the capital of Tajikistan to hold bilateral talks on the establishment and development of mutually beneficial partnerships with businessmen of the Republic of Tajikistan. The visit of the delegation will continue until November 12, the Khovar News Agency reported.

The Russian business delegation, consisting of representatives of 13 medium and large-scale businesses that operate in the spheres of healthcare and cosmetology, production of confectionery, drinking water, dried fruits, agricultural production, leasing and distribution, intends to visit various regions of the country to learn about the areas of entrepreneurial activity.

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Tajikistan reports that 67 subjects of Russia have trade and economic relations with the Republic over 9 months of the year. In January-August, bilateral trade increased by more than 22% compared to the same period in 2021 and reached $922.6 million.

07 11 2022, 09:11
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