Berdimuhamedov orders to boost investment to fuel and energy sector

The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

On November 4, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov ordered to boost investment to the fuel and energy sector at the government meeting on the major aspects of national social and economic development, the Turkmenistan: Golden Age edition reported.

The President raised the issues of the construction of an energy ring in Turkmenistan, the TAP power line and the TAPI gas pipeline and the draft Investment Programme for 2023. In this context, he instructed to analyse the current situation and monitor the implementation of the designated tasks.

Berdimuhamedov placed particular emphasis on the draft main financial plan for the next year that had been submitted to the Parliament for consideration. The Turkmen leader noted that the document provides funding to further increase wages, pensions, student scholarships and state benefits.

The Turkmen leader emphasised the need to ensure the supply of various goods, particularly on holidays, to the markets and shops during the winter months and prevent price increases.

The President gave specific instructions on import substitution, the staging of cultural events and the coordination of activities in the construction, education, healthcare, transport, communications, transit and logistics sectors, agriculture and diplomacy.

07 11 2022, 09:06
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