Turkmenistan to create state program of improvement of immunity of citizens

The proposal was presented to President Berdimuhamedov for consideration at a cabinet meeting.

On May 14, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a visiting government meeting in the Avaza tourist zone. Deputy Prime Minister Mammetmyrat Geldyniyazov touched upon the topic of the development of a program aimed at increasing the immunity of the population, as reported by «Turkmenistan Today».

The official proposed to prepare a draft resolution on the approval of the national program of improvement of the immunity of local citizens in 2021-2025. He also noted the need to develop an action plan in this direction.

According to Geldyniyazov, the program will be mainly aimed at effective protection of the health of the population, increasing the social level of citizens and the national genetic fund.

Berdimuhamedov marked the importance of such a program, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. He added that today, it is necessary to pay special attention to wide explanation sanitary and education activity among the population.

It must be added that, as of May 14, no cases of COVID-19 were reported in Turkmenistan. A large consignment of the Chinese vaccine CoronaVac was delivered to the country on May 9.

17 05 2021, 08:40
Photo source: tdh.gov.tm

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