Renowned US virologist commends Tajikistan for combating coronavirus spread

Arash Alaei said the authorities of the Republic had taken timely measures to suspend air passenger traffic and close mosques and other places of mass gatherings.

A renowned virologist from the United States, President of the Institute for International Health and Education in New York Arash Alaei commended Tajikistan for taking timely measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. He noted that the Government had taken seriously the threat and suspended air passenger traffic and closed places of mass gatherings in proper time, RFI reported on April 18.

In analysing the work done by the authorities of Tajikistan, Alaei compared it to the measures taken to combat the pandemic in Iran. The expert emphasised that Tajikistan initially had made the right decision not to impose strict quarantine requirements, but almost immediately to suspend air passenger traffic and close mosques, theatres and supermarkets. In addition, restrictions on mass gatherings were enforced.

In Iran, the efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease were fuelled by religious beliefs and ideologies, while the Central Asian country took evidence-based measures, the expert said.

Earlier, the virologist has noted that there are three reasons why Tajikistan was able to defeat coronavirus infection – the effective strategy of the Cabinet of Ministers, citizens’ serious attitudes toward COVID-19 and involvement of the mass media. He also added that no new coronavirus cases had been reported in the Republic for 11 weeks.

21 04 2021, 08:58
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