Surabaldiyeva is unhappy with conditions in Bishkek detention center

Acting Deputy Prime Minister concluded that the relevant facility should be moved out of the city and replaced by a new building.

Acting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Elvira Surabaldiyeva visited Pre-trial detention center #1 in Bishkek on January 29. During the visit, Surabaldiyeva stated that the conditions in the facility are very bad, and the institution itself needs to be moved out of the city and replaced by a new one, as reported by the press office of the Kyrgyz government.

The representative of the Cabinet noted that no major repairs to the building have been done for a long time, the infrastructure is worn out and becomes unusable, which creates difficult conditions for the accused citizens and working employees staying in the institution.

Surabaldiyeva also instructed the Ministry of Health to provide Detention Center 1 with an ambulance and improve the qualifications of medical officers of the prison service.

The Acting Deputy Prime Minister was informed that the facility has an equipped clinical and bacteriological laboratory, medical workers of the special institution are trained to conduct PCR analyzes.

31 01 2021, 15:51
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