Uzbekistan has potential for digital leadership in Central Asia

This statement was made by the Director for Banking Sector Development at VisionLabs.

Director for Banking Sector Development at VisionLabs Yevgeniy Zaika said Uzbekistan has a potential to become a key digital player in Central Asia. He came to this conclusion while exploring the unique uses of biometrics in the financial industry, Plusworld reports.

The expert made a presentation at the session «Digital remote banking. Banking and non-banking services on financial platforms. Remote identification» of the Digital Uzbekistan Forum.

He told about the operation and efficiency of algorithms and focused on combating cyber attacks on private companies.

The PLUS-Forum Digital Uzbekistan is an important dialogue platform for government agencies, the banking sector and the retail trade sector. The event aims to boost Uzbekistan’s economic growth, promote international cooperation in banking and financial technology and encourage the launch of new promising projects.

15 06 2024, 10:11
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