South Korean company helps Kyrgyzstan build plant

The construction project worth $3.485 million is to be completed in December 2026.

Minister of Resources, Agriculture and Processing of Kyrgyzstan Bakyt Torobaev participated in the capsule laying ceremony of a plant, which will be built at a school farm in Sokuluk dsitrict. The main aim of the project is to develop an infrastructure for vegetable seed selection and set up an internal distribution network in Kyrgyzstan, the press office of the Ministry of Resources, Agriculture and Processing reported.

The total project cost is $3.485 million, and the construction project is to be completed in December 2026.

The project is to be implemented by K.I. Skryabin Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (KNAU) and Kwangjin Co.

The Kyrgyz side will provide land, water, infrastructure and equipment, while the Korean side will provide equipment, experts and professional training. It is planned to build 9 greenhouses and 4 buildings with a total area of 3,150 square metres. The plant will grow onions, cucumbers and tomatoes at the initial stage.

12 06 2024, 12:20
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