Tajikistan set to develop riverbank stabilization projects

The Prime Minister of the Republic highlighted the importance of continuing the work in compliance with modern requirements.

Prime Minister of Tajikistan Kohir Rasulzoda visited Temurmalik and Baljuvan districts in Khatlon Region to inspect the work being done to mitigate the effects of floods and stabilise the riverbanks. He was tasked to develop new projects to more effectively complete the assigned tasks, the press office of the Khatlon Region Chairman reported.

The Prime Minister said the settlements of Hamrovie and Bakhmanrud and the villages of Tanobchii poyon, Tagnobchii bolo and Kangurt in Temurmalik district had higher exposure to natural hazards. There used to be the protective structures in these settlements, but they were destroyed in floods, causing serious damage to the areas adjacent to the Shuraksa and Surkhob Rivers.

Reinforced concrete slabs are being installed in the Kulyab zone of Khatlon Region to minimize disaster risks.

The commission also inspected the damaged banks of the Surkhob and Obimazor Rivers and the area in vicinity of Gurdara and Baljuvon.

07 06 2024, 07:55
Photo source: kchs.tj

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