President of Turkmenistan speaks at opening ceremony of new facilities in Dashoguz

Turkmenistan pays much attention to generating renewable energy.

On June 5, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov spoke at the opening ceremony of the new electricity generation facilities in Dashoguz velayat. A high-voltage power line and 2 power substations on the Balkan-Dashoguz route were put into operation to loop the country’s power grid, Turkmenistan: Golden Age reports. 

The President announced plans to convert the existing power plants to a combined cycle and build new combined-cycle power plants in accordance with the programmes.

«Currently, a combined-cycle power plant with a capacity of 1,574 megawatts is under construction in Turkmenbashi etrap of Balkan velayat,» the President said.

Turkmenistan is implementing the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power line project aimed at increasing and diversifying electricity supply to foreign countries.

The construction of a solar and wind power plant in Balkan velayat is nearing completion. It will allow supplying eco-friendly electricity to modern villages being built in the region.

07 06 2024, 07:51
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