Russia helps Uzbekistan build pumped storage power plants

New pumped storage power plants, which are to be built in 2025, will ensure the efficient operation of the Republic’s electrical grid.

S. Ya. Zhuk Hydroproject Design, Survey and Research Institute affiliated with RusHydro Group signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of hydropower plants in Uzbekistan. The specialists from the Institute are developing the technical and economic aspects of the Karateren and Aidarkul pumped storage power plants (PSPP), the press office of RusHydro reported.

The Construction Directorate 1 Unitary Enterprise affiliated with Uzbekhydroenergo concluded the contracts for the design of pumped storage power plants in April this year.

The Karateren PSPP will have a capacity of 500MW in turbine mode and 600MW in pump mode. The Aydarkul pumped storage power plant will be less powerful and have a capacity of 250MW and 300MW, respectively.

The pumped storage power plants will be completed early next year. They will ensure the efficient operation of the Uzbekistan’s electrical grid.

05 06 2024, 10:10
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