Rustam Emomali calls on CSTO Member States to enhance counter-terrorism efforts

He emphasised that the main task of law enforcement agencies of the CSTO Member States is to protect citizens from destructive and criminal assaults.

Chairman of the National Assembly of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan Rustam Emomali delivered a speech at a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). In his speech, he emphasised the importance of this organisation and urged to enhance counter-terrorism efforts, Sputnik reported. 

The politician noted that the CSTO Member States are implementing the programme to harmonise national legislation. Emomali said Tajikistan is actively implementing the important regulations to improve the national legal framework.

Rustam Emomali emphasised that law enforcement agencies of the CSTO Member States should give priority attention to protecting citizens from extremist groups and criminal acts. He urged to step up the fight against terrorism.

Before the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly, Rustam Emomali met with Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin. The interlocutors discussed the current state and prospects of relations between Russia and Tajikistan.

05 06 2024, 10:06
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