Uzbekistan sets up commission to solve problems facing entrepreneurs

It will accept proposals from entrepreneurs from all over the country and solve their problems.

The authorities of Uzbekistan decided to set up the Republican Commission to facilitate an open dialogue between the President and entrepreneurs. Working groups in the regions that will address problems facing entrepreneurs are to be set up. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the relevant Resolution on May 30, reported.

The Commission will be headed by Deputy Prime Ministers Jamshid Kuchkarov and Jamshid Khojaev. Entrepreneurs from all over the country will submit their proposals to the Commission from June 15 to mid-August each year.

The Commission is tasked to identify continuous problems facing entrepreneurs and develop measures to solve them. Specific challenges will be considered separately. Furthermore, it is planned to launch an Open Dialogue with Entrepreneurs electronic platform to digitalize the process.

The first open dialogue between the President and entrepreneurs took place on August 20 3 years ago. Entrepreneurs submitted over 15,000 business questions and proposals for consideration. After the questions and proposals were divided into 7 categories, the President made several decisions to address them. Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed holding such meetings annually and proclaiming August 20 as Entrepreneurs’ Day.

04 06 2024, 07:37
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