Kazakhstan to give special status to Turkestan city

The draft law was submitted for review to the Parliament.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov signed the Resolution of the Government on the submission of the draft law on the special status of Turkestan city to Mazhilis of Parliament. This step was made to fulfil the instructions given by President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev during his working visit to Turkestan Region, the press office of the Government reports.

The draft law sets forth the legal conditions for the development of Turkestan as the cultural and historical centre of Kazakhstan and recognizes its national significance.

Once adopted, the law will establish an effective system to manage and conserve monuments and historical and cultural sites in the city, including the Khoja Ahmed Yassawi Mausoleum. The important aspects of the draft law include the preservation of cultural heritage, the promotion of handicrafts and the advancement of Turkestan as a tourist destination.

A conservation zone has been defined for each object of historical and cultural heritage, and the layouts and maps of the area have been developed. Any activity that threatens the historical sites in the city is prohibited. It is planned to create a reserve to store archaeological finds and take measures to preserve and conserve them for future generations.

31 05 2024, 10:05
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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