Automation in Kazakhstan’s manufacturing sector under discussion

This issue was raised by the Government.

The Government of the Republic discussed the development of Kazakhstan’s manufacturing sector, the press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic reports. In January-April, production in this sector increased by 5,2%, reaching 7.1 trillion tenge, and goods exports stood at $5.6 billion. Fixed capital investment increased by 19,9%, reaching 403.2 billion tenge.

The largest share is taken by the metallurgical, machine building and food industries. 

The Prime Minister emphasised that the manufacturing sector lays the groundwork for successful industrial development of any state. He noted the need to increase the share of the manufacturing sector in the national economy.

Last year, the output of the manufacturing sector actually caught up with that of the mining sector, and now the Government is tasked to build a strong industrial framework, create a highly localised production cycle and double the national economy. The introduction of new technologies, automation and robotization should be a key factor in achieving these goals.

29 05 2024, 08:48
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